TUCSON PRODUCT: Raw Honey from Holly’s Little Farm

Did you know that many of the “honey” products that you see on grocery store shelves aren’t 100% honey? It’s true!¬†Even the jars with the 100% label have often been heated and filtered for a smoother appearance!

Raw honey, however, is in a category all on its own. It’s the only pure, unprocessed, and unpasteurized honey – and it has numerous health benefits!

Holly’s Little Farm, based right here in Tucson, sells raw honey at a number of local retailers including La Estrella Bakery, Vista Feed & Supply, Dickman’s Meat, Civano Nursery, Maynards Market, and more!

The brand also sets up roadside stands around town throughout the year. Follow @rawhoney4u to get daily updates about where you can pick up a jar.

The cost per jar is approximately $11.


  1. DA Vidtine says

    Hi. My doctor suggested trying a teaspoon of locally supplied raw/natural honey to help with allergie symtoms….honey with the antimicrobials not elimanated! Is this what you’re selling and if so, where can I buy it? We’re in Oro Valley. Thanks much!

  2. Carolyn says

    I am a Master Gardener from
    MD who has a place out here in Tucson for the winter months. One of my concentrations is beekeeping, so I would like to visit some of the facilities\farms here.

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